Handling Email Communication

Aside of responding to email which we can expect this coming all the time, we have found our-self checking our emails and responding as part of our life matter. Email has become the integral part of communication. People from all the world use email as the first point of the contact solely because its a less intimidating approach to communicate. However in businesses today, receiving and replying email can be quite a terms of managing attention. One can see a flood of email coming to company main email address and yes, a flood load of email can demoralized a user.

With a email channel being managed and funnel into a system that recognized the nature of the email, many companies are looking towards having their email managed. Call it a manage email service with no user to respond but automated intelligent res-ponder that understand the nature of the email and respond to the email accordingly, just like human assistance. Such is a technology that many tech firms are exploring. CRM builders especially are looking to harness this solution as part of their omni channel breakthrough. Res-ponder is the next big information concierge step of today, all it takes is knowing how we would respond to emails in accordance to our desire.

How can communication be more effective?

Is making telephone call the best way in work? In today work environment, when communication becomes complex and demanding, work force of many companies takes their interaction into a rather messy approach. Sales manager may not know whether their sales staff are making call on the company phone system or texting the customer on their own personal whatsapp. Technical team on the other hand, are trying to find the root of a problem communication all the time.

With the Nautilus Omni Channel solution, one can centralize their chats, emails, calls and social media communication all in one place. On top of it, it provides a report on all channels. Check our Nautilus Xcally OMNI CHANNEL SOLUTION soon.

Texting is the way.

In a small business operation, a sales staff takes a chat inquiry from a customer and closes a deal,this is the new breaking the ice and making money possibility. Sales of today see chat communication as a instrument of building mutual and close relationship. Why? It all comes down to socializing. The preference in using text messaging has become gateway from a casual communication to a self fulfilling system. Research has shown that many successful companies does not rely on one source of the communication but different forms. With chat, email and call channel, business communication is flexible and easy. Chat messaging is solving issue faster, and as a result helping business grow conveniently. 

The Nautilus system provides a communication system that handles chat, sms, email, call and even facebook messaging into one point of management 


Dawn of a new communication system - The Omni Channel System

A phone call is getting a pain in the neck. Text, email, social media is the new easy way. Take a mobile phone out of your pocket; what is the first thing we do? Texting? We will look at information first, and we make a subtle inquiries to the information provider. We, the people are changing the way businesses reach out to clients.

The world of communication depends on the way we understand information and take action based on the service available.Information rests on the palm your arms, you don't need to walk over to the station to buy goods, you can do it over a mobile device. What does that foster? A new type of call centre management with the capabilities of supporting communication tools such as text, email, voice, and social media channel that reaches to the users need, and gain maximum results in their objective. Whether that objective brings revenue or productivity, it is the undeniably a new trend of commerce.